This Is What We Do #38

TSWWD381:48 - Paul McCartney and Kanye West and being aware of pop culture, Pop artists, motown and "real artists".
37:05 - T.C. Ellis - True Confessions The movie he was is was Laurel Avenue., Tony M.
45:58 - Under The Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge movie talk
45:35 - Protesting Whites having Brunch
49:24 - Keshia Knight Pulliam fired from Celebrity Apprentice for not calling Bill Cosby
57:35 - Gotham TV show
1:05:08 - Sean Hill passes on seeing Selma
1:10:43 - BONUS AFTER THE SHOW TALK - Prince looks that go to far and Graffiti Bridge

Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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  • Alexnmind

    Uhhhhh..Mike go listen to a Beatles album asap.