TIWWD #18 The Revenge of the Racists

The N word got quite the workout this past week. Justin Bieber remixed it, and a "lady" in New York took time from stripping for cops to shout out the word. Donald Sterling gave his only begotten common sense and attended a black church. The Preacher forgave him and Usher stands by Justin's comments. WTF is going on here? We talk about it.


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  • Veego Cobblepot

    I’m getting sick of this Qstorm guy dissing Christ church. This dude is so disrespectful of Jesus Christ, he’s starting to get on my nerves. If you think the church is all about money your a complete imbecile. Tithing keeps the church running and pays for the various outreach programs, feeding the homeless, clothing the needy, youth programs, our church even bands together to help pay each others bills when one of the members loses employment ect……. Shut your mouth you atheist liberal.

    • qstorm

      What exactly did I say that pissed you off? Remind me and we can have an informed debate. I have a number of responses, all respectful, at the ready for you, but I want you to first tell me what I said cuz I honestly don’t remember talking about the church in any recent shows. Enlighten me.

      • qstorm

        Now I remember you…you were the one I had to educate about the fact that we don’t condone Bryan Singer’s personal life, but we have a right to critique his work. Now I know what I’m dealing with. Ball’s in your court, sir. What was it I said that ticked you off?

  • Veego. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the shows! Much respect. Here is the thing tho, when you are on this site making comments, think of it as your in my house. Qstorm is my brother. We are not blood related but thats my man. So you coming in my house calling my people names is not the way. We encourage you to have your own opinion and even debate us. But name calling will get you a one way trip to the world of BANNED. I can understand you feeling some type of way about Q’s or anybodies comments on the show, but come at us with your points of knowledge and wisdom not with the name calling.

    • Veego Cobblepot

      My bad. I’m not name calling. My saying that he is an atheist andI a liberal was not intended as a name call. But is he one or the other…….maybe both?