The Love Puzzle #1

lovepuzzle_logoLove. It is the ultimate and everyone wants to have it, but how is the question. How do find it, grow it, and maintain it?  Everyone, please welcome the new show "The Love Puzzle" to PodcastJuice! In these shows, hosted by Torrie and Michael Dean, they will cover and share every stage of  their loving  relationship in hopes of helping others. Each host has had their fair share of unsuccessful relationships, but were willing to try again. They have succeeded! Join them in there journey of "Putting the Pieces of Love Together."

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Geeked Out – In a Galaxy With Old People


Topics this week: Ride Along review, Our Oscar picks, Her review, Superman vs Batman delayed till 2016, Star Wars episode 7 will be about Luke, Han and Leia and net neutrality.



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That’s What We Do – Fighting for Kardashian and Net Neutrality


By definition, brand new is defined as being in a fresh and unused condition; completely new. The new year has birthed a new show! Two voices. Two opinions. Ladies and Gents please welcome a new show, "That's What We Do."  We got Michael Dean on the mic and introducing  new host, Torrie.  In this episode they cover:

  • Tax Season Time
  • First Lady Michelle Obama's Birthday
  • Kanye West/Kim Kardashian vs. Racist GROWN Man
  • Net Neutrality
  • Man Kills Over Texting In Theater
  • "12 Years A Slave" actress Lupita Nyong'o


Geeked Out – Best and Worst Movies of 2013


With this being our last Geeked Out for 2013, we look back on the movies of 2013.

Xbox One and PS4 which is better and are they worth buying now?
American Hustle
Target and Amazon refuse to stock Beyonce' s CD
Q and Michael Dean can't help but argue about Star Wars.

PodcastJuice – Beyonce and the Mexican Superman



Beyonce releases a new album with no promotion, Prince on the Fox sitcom New Girl, Review of The Hobbit, #AskRkelly goes wrong, Obama and selfes, Why can't Superman or other superheros be non white.


Geeked Out – Top Grossing Black Movies of All Time



Kanye West Genius or Bitch made?
Micheal talked about the new Spike Lee movie 'Oldboy'
Qstorm thinks The Hunger Games Catching Fire is WACK!
Malcolm D. Lee and his comments about Tyler Perry
Top 10  Highest Grossing Black movies of all time.
The Knockout Game is it real or a hoax?

Geeked Out – The Best Man vs. Thor


This week we take a look at 2 new movies' The Best Man Holiday and Thor The Dark World. Which one is worth seeing? The History channel has announced they will be rebooting Roots into a 8 hour tv event. Should have a black film maker at the helm? More topics: Marvel and Netflix team up for 4 tv series. The top 10 grossing movies of all time.

Geeked Out – Who Stole The Soul?


Robin Thick vs. The Marvin Gaye Family. The lawsuit heats up We break down the players involved and just how shady the game is played.

Movie Reviews:
Enders Game

Discussion on X-MEN Days Of Future Past - Trailer review and break down of the original story.

Are the trailers for The Anchorman 2 racists?

[youtube id="Elczv0ghqw0" width="600" height="350"]

Prince Podcast – Who was Ratchet 1st?


With all this talk about Mylie Cyrus and how she is so over the top. We look back at Prince when he had the nickname 'Rude Boy'.  During the 80's Prince was the poster boy for explicit lyrics. Prince created Vanity 6 and in the 90's introduced some could say, the 1st stripper rapper to the world; Carmen Electra.


Also we talk about Who Stole the Soul, or did Black producers give it away. (Yes we go there)

Janelle Monae - Super talented, but is she over the heads of the masses.

What album today is a cross genre hit?

Intro music: [youtube id="Qcq6BFB9B3M" width="600" height="350"]

Podcast Juice – The Weave Upstairs Don’t Match Downstairs


PodcastJuice is back! Hosted by Michael Dean and Toyia Taylor.


Class Forced to Re-Enact Slavery

John Singleton: Can a White Director Make a Great Black Movie?

Why do Black women wear weaves?


Jay Z And Beyonce Highest-Earning Celebrity Couple

Geeked Out GTA5 and Breaking Bad reviews


This week we take a look at GTA5, is it worth all the hype? Breaking Bad is coming to an end and the guys get into a discussion about the last remaining episodes. Plus is Paypal jacking money from Kickstarter campaigns?

A Place N This World – Changing Perspective


A Place N This World podcast returns!

Today's topic: Changing Perspective

A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

3 things I explore to help you change your perspective;

1. Ask yourself why

2. Focus on the good things in your life

3. Does it really matter?



Check this video of Beyonce. This just happened as this episode was published. Watch as a fan pulls her off stage, then watch her response 'after' she finishes her song. She said "Thank you" and kept it moving. Bey is living her Place N This World!

[youtube id="u3FpGiBr-nY" width="600" height="350"]