Prince Podcast – 3rdEye & Color Struck

We are back with another action packed show. This go round, we get into 3rdEye Girl, reviews of the new Prince songs, Prince to Be Honored at Billboard Music Awards on May 19 and things go off the rails with a discussion about Prince's lack of dark skinned women? Yes We go there!

30 Days of Podcasting – Day 5 – The Avengers Review

Being that today is Christmas eve, I'm, gonna do something a little different. This episode is a unaired podcast from this summer. It's our review of Marvel's The Avengers. We originally recorded this days after the release of the movie this past summer  This podcast was meant for the launch of the Podcast Juice site. The launch date got pushed back so this show was sorta lost in the wind.

This episode of Geeked Out podcast features QStorm aka the Ghetto Roger Ebert, Big Ken, Bigsexy and Michael Dean.

30 Days of Podcasting – Day 3 – CHOKLATE

On Day3 of our marathon, 30 Days Of Podcasting, I'm joined by my good friend CHOKLATE. From the 1st time I met her I was always impressed by her professionalism when it came to her music.  Later as I got to know her, she has became one of  my true best friends in life.

Choklate has recently released her 3rd album 'FLY'. If you love Good music, then this is a must own. On today's show we talk about her new album, what would be her dream concert, meeting Prince, what is her definition of success and more.  Be sure to stop by her website and pick up all 3 of her albums.

30 Days of Podcasting – Day 2

Day 2 - If your job gets your best energy, then your life will wither. Do you find that your job gets the best out of your but your family or your passions only get the left overs? On today's show I speak on that. Funky Fridays with the jams to get your weekend started right. Also I share sounds from my old neighborhood, WORLDSTAR!!!!

30 Days of Podcasting – Day 1

Podcast Juice is back...again!  Welcome to day 1 of 30 Days of Podcasting. What is that you ask? It's a challenge I made for myself. Record a podcast a day for 30 days. Create a new habit for myself. Set the goal high, make it public and hold myself accountable. Will I make it, we will see in 30 days.

On today's show, I talk about the book 'Steal Like  a Artist".  What happened when I had a allergic reaction to Old Spice, my kids moving to Hawaii and understanding the greatness that we have in our day to day life.

Podcast Juice #4 A New Hope

Micheal Dean is joined by Big Ken, Big Sexy and Qstorm. They talk about the recent news of Disney buying Lucasfilm and the announcement of a new Star Wars movie in 2015. A Review of Cloud Atlas, Prince and Andy Allo, also things get heated with a discussion on tablet computers and Apple.

André Cymone Rocks It for Obama

André Cymone is BACK! His new song 'America' has been getting major play here at Podcast Juice. The track was posted on André's bandcamp and is inspired by Barack Obama.

This song was inspired by America electing Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.All net proceeds of sales will be immediately donated to the Barack Obama campaign. The reelection of Barack Obama is imperative, our future is on the line.

Mr. Cymone if your reading this. PLEASE RELEASE MORE MUSIC!! In that order!


The Prince Podcast – Vault Classic, 2007 Year in Review

It's Labor Day weekend, so while your enjoying your 3 day weekend, we take you on a trip down podcast juice memory lane. From the Prince Podcast vault here is a classic show featuring Michael Dean, Monique and Tobias. Prince in 2007 overview. The Superbowl, Planet Earth album and more. Enjoy and hit that donate button.

The Prince Podcast – Perfect Unreleased Review

As we wait for a new album by Prince, the guys take a look at a underground release. Making it's way around the web is a recent collection of Prince tracks called 'Perfect Unreleased Prince'. Filled with outtakes and unreleased songs, 'Perfect' gets the Prince Podcast review treatment.


Podcast Juice #2


The Prince Podcast – Under The Cherry Moon Movie Commentary

The Prince Podcast crew gets together and watches Prince's 2nd movie 'Under The Cherry Moon'. Get your copy of the DVD and listen to our resident Prince heads give a hilarious rundown of the movie.