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Q discusses Obama's new "no f*cks" policy in regards to Chelsea Manning, Steve Harvey's head-scratching meeting with Donald Trump, Trump's Twitter war against John Lewis and delivers a brief civics lesson.


The Prince Podcast – Susan Rogers Interview

On this episode, we are joined by Professor Susan Rogers! This is a Masterclass Prince Interview. Course prerequisites: A love for purple music.

Topics discussed:

The Morris Day persona, Jesse Johnson, Studio setups, The Dream Factory, Adonis and Bathsheba, Michael Jackson, Wally and much more!

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The sheets have been cleaned, so sit down and put up your feet while Q shares his thoughts on Trump's BIG, FANTASTIC, YUGE press conference. Also, Trump's handling of a CNN reporter has ominous repercussions for the fourth estate.


The Prince Podcast – NorthSide 4 Life – Kevin Fleming INTERVIEW

On this episode, we talk with Kevin Fleming. Coming straight outta Northside of Minneapolis, Kevin shares his experiences of going to school with an early Prince, living next door to Andre Cymone, becoming vice president of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis's record label Perspective Records.

Kevin Fleming’s entertainment business experience is vast and varied. It includes radio, records, management, and publishing. In radio, Kevin’s experience includes operation management, program management, air personality and consultant. In the recording industry, his expertise encompasses promotions, artist & repertoire, as well as positions including vice president and general manager. Additionally, he has managed operations, signed and developed talent, and created marketing and promotion campaigns. Currently, Kevin is the owner and publisher of The Urban Buzz.

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Happy New Year from the Red Shirts! Join us on the U.S.S. Internet as we discuss the upcoming CBS Star Trek Discovery, starring The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green. Will she appear on both programs or will Sasha get a taste of Negan's bat Lucille? More info plus Trek Trivia!

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The Michael Dean Show # 32 Rough Side of the Mountain

Kim Burrel vs. LGBTQ, Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy, Chicago Kidnapping, Hidden Figures review, Is Robert De Niro tarnishing his legacy? and Carrie Fisher ashes.

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ALL NEW!! It's January 2017, it's a new world and Qstorm is GOIN' IN! Topics this episode: Qstorm is on his Che Nigara as he speaks on being introduced to the world of firearms and the NRA. Yes, Q is talking guns...hell has frozen over. THEN: four teenagers kidnap and torture a mentally challenged teen all in the name of Trump. Yes, Negan comes in all shapes, sizes, ages...and races. Check it out and bring on the comments!


DISCLAIMER: This program was uploaded to Podcast Juice prior to the knowledge of the tragic events that occurred in Ft. Lauderdale today. It was not our intent to be disrespectful in any manner. Our condolences go out to the families of the victims in this tragedy.

The Full Circle Podcast Show – Single Parents With Spoiled Or Bad Kids!

Join host Darryl E. McCullough, co-host Carmen Miller and special returning in-studio guest Rashone Bryant “The Afrikan Caesar” from The Sneaker Box podcast! Featured call-in guest Flaw 700 one of the hosts of The Podcast Brothers show!” Additional call-in guests were Kim Six Chapman and Shauntia Triplett the hosts of the podcasts Sit With Us and The Charm Skool Show, Author Jay Doubleu and her husband Allen Hunter the hosts of The Hunters Talk. Interesting call-ins, each with a different opinion on the show topic!

The Michael Dean Show #31 – Marvel’s Sweet Bread

Sean Hill returns after a health scare, Top Movies of 2016, Marvel CEO is a Trump supporter, Will Qstorm ban Marvel movies? Serena Williams gets engaged, Trying to holla in the Church, Versace has a secret code for black shoppers?

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The Prince Podcast – Girard College Lower School Band

Interview with Paul Eaton the Musical Educator, behind the viral video of the Girard College Lower School Band, performing Prince's Let's Work. Check out this great inspirational story about kids learning to play real instruments and how Prince's music is helping kids learn life lessons. The next New Power Generation.

The Full Circle Podcast #26 Staying Friends With Your Exes!

Join host Darryl E. McCullough, and in the absence of co-host Carmen Miller who had a family emergency, we were joined by in-studio guests Marquisa Darden and the talented and funny Danny Woodcock from the Toledo Matters Podcast. Also an entertaining impromptu call from Rashone Bryant (The Afrikan Caesar) the host of The Sneaker Box podcast. Special returning featured guest was Saadiqa Muhammad a.k.a Saadiqa Kamille the actor and creator of the web series “Moms!” Additional call-in guests were Monique Hale, who was one of Darryl’s prom dates from the 80’s! Raggz ThaMogul Byrd the host of “Byrd Talk TV,” Sade Moore who is an actress, dancer and video blogger and AJ Williams the creator and Blogger-In-Chief at Single Black Chick.