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Great Scenes in Cinema #3-NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN-Call It

no country for old men

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is a flawless film. Perfect in its writing, direction, and acting. In fact it is on my short list of the greatest films of all time. How does one go about choosing the best scene from a film full of best scenes? Very carefully. I chose this scene because the writing it’s simply superb. Its psychological warfare delivered by the films personification of evil, Anton Chigurh

Sean Hill’s Greatest Films of All Time #9-FARGO


“THIS IS A TRUE STORY. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.” And so begins FARGO, a tale of kidnapping and murder in the Midwest. This film is probably the most unusual film on my list as it is not heavy in themes or symbolism and it doesn’t have great directorial flair that I am normally attracted to. What it does have is humor and lots of it. Now when I say humor understand that I am not saying that kidnapping and murder is funny. Not at all. The humor in the film comes from the characters. The characters in the film are not funny people and do not act like there are in a comedy. They do not think they are funny and the movie does not treat them as if they are funny. The plot does not ask them to be funny as they are who they are. The film has two of the most unique movie characters to every grace the silver screen. Jerry Lundegaard, played by William H. Macy, and Marge Gunderson, played brilliantly by Frances McDormand.

Sean Hill Reviews CREED


Previously on the ROCKY saga--- Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is a small-time boxer who seems to be going nowhere in life, as he works day-in and day-out as a collector for a loan shark and fights in sleazy clubs for low pay. Because of this Rocky is labeled a bum by the neighborhood, especially by gym trainer Mickey Goldmill. At the same time, Rocky successfully courts Adrian Pennino, a painfully shy woman with an alcoholic brother, Paulie. Rocky’s future changes when heavyweight champion of the world Apollo Creed chooses Rocky at random as his opponent in a title fight. Rocky realizes he now has the chance to prove he is not a bum. Rocky fights for his self-respect but ends up losing the fight in a split decision.


1999 cover

1999 is the fifth album released by Prince. It was released on October 27, 1982 and was his  first top ten album on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. The album peaked at number 9 and became the fifth best-selling album of 1983. This album is the last of the raw and dirty Prince funk sound. Yes, he was still “dirty” afterwards but never this raw. From the sexually charged LITTLE RED CORVETTE and DELIRIOUS; the F the rules party anthem DMSR, the “activity” that takes place about halfway thru both LADY CAB DRIVER and INTERNATIONAL LOVER his sound was never quite the same after this. It all seems so effortless and not forced. This Prince at his synth pop/funk nasty best. Even the album cover is raunchy. Don’t believe me check out the 1 in the 1999. Although he would reach the apex of stardom 2 years later the nastiness was all mostly but gone. On a side note at age 11 in February 83 to be exact the first time I wore my tour shirt (the album cover) to school I got in trouble. I cannot imagine why!


SUPERGIRL FLIES HIGH WITH CRITICS BUT...Is it just me or is there no buzz amongst us geeks about Supergirl, which debuted last night? Here's what I thought about it five months ago. I make an error in the timeline of Kara's arrival on Earth, but I stand behind everything else...

Sean Hill’s Greatest Films of All Time #10–JFK


“Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?”-X

It’s hard to believe that my number 10 film features one of my least favorite actors of all time Kevin Costner. I won’t bore you with why I don’t like him. Unlike the other films on my all-time best list, this film is not about characters but centers around an event in our nation’s history.  Let’s deal with Costner first. He does have to carry the film to a certain extent but the film does not sink or swim based on his performance so in this case he gets a pass.

Sean Hill’s Greatest Films of All Time #10.5 ZODIAC


“I need to know who he is. I need to stand there, I need to look him in the eye and I need to know that it's him.” Robert Graysmith

I have long debated about including this movie on my greatest list but after much deliberation I have decided it is so well made and expertly crafted it deserves a place on my list. Along with my #12 film BOUND, this film could possibly me the least seen and/or heard of on my list.

Great Scenes in Cinema #2-48HRS-REDNECK BAR


Eddie Murphy’s made his feature film debut 1982’s 48HRS. This was an interesting choice for several reasons.  Murphy had of course made his name as a comedian and at the time he was the reason the watch Saturday Night Live. One would expect that his first film


 The basic plot of the film involves Cruise's Ethan Hunt attempting to prove that a rogue anti-IMF team called The Syndicate is plotting to overthrow the world order through a series of covert terrorist operations. Problem is, the IMF has been disbanded and CIA director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) is gunning for Hunt. First issue: how many times have we seen the hero who knows the truth be derided, diminished and hunted by his peers? Second issue: in light of the Avengers and SHIELD battling Hydra and Bond preparing to battle SPECTRE, does an organization called The Syndicate instill any sense of fear in you?

Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814 Poll

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PodcastJuice fans. In preparation of recording our newest episode of The Classic Joints, we want you to contribute to the show by voting in the polls below on what is the Best Song, Worst Song and Best Video from Ms. Jackson's classic album.

New Avengers Member In Ant-Man TV Spot – Spoiler

The new TV spot for Marvels upcoming movie Ant-Man really gives you an idea of the comedy tone of the film. Actor Michael Peña is featured to great effect.

Also if you look very carefully, you can see Ant-Man on the tip of a gun in one shot. The person holding that gun is out of focus but it's easy to see it's none other then...