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Molove Music

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Released April 13th 2013

The Morning Time 03:19
♥ Her So - Thats My Baby 02:58
Don't Talk About It 02:57
If I Die Before You 02:31
Some Kind of Beautiful [THE DANCE]03:06
No One Can Love U Better 02:02
Ashley 03:01
They Got The $ 05:36

Download the album here  - zip file (mp3's are inside)



Stroke The Mind B4 The Behind

Released December 10th 2010

Kingdom 03:30
Pretty Baby 03:09
She Was A Problem 03:53
I'm Coo 02:51
1Day 03:53
Happy To Be There 02:39
Epic Fail 04:10
Stroke The Mind B4 The Behind 03:40
No One Can Love U Better..Then Me 02:06
Worth More 04:08
So Sad 03:19

Download the album here  - zip file (mp3's are inside)

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