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Homefront – REVIEW

1 Star



            I promise you I attended the screening of this film and watched every moment of it. As I am writing this review I have absolutely no memory of the film at all. Nothing remarkable occurs. The film begins , characters are introduced, Jason Statham kicks some butt, things blow up, and there is a car chase or two, credits roll, the end.


            I’m not surprised that Jason Statham has not become a big action star. He lacks the charm, charisma and screen presence of other action stars. It was surprising to learn that the screenplay for this film was written by Sylvester Stallone. This seems like the perfect vehicle for Stallone about 20 years ago so it is no surprise that this has been pawned off to Statham. The film stars Statham as Phil Broker, a former DEA agent, who has settled into small-town life with his young daughter. In an act of self-defense his daughter beats up another kid whose mother happens to be the brother of the local meth dealer Gator (James Franco). In a twist that can only occur in the movies Gator learns the true background of Broker’s past and just happens to have a connection to the person  who has sworn revenge against Broker. You can probably figure out what happens from there.

 homefront 1

Unfortunately there is not a great deal to say about this film  . It is a typical run-of-the-mill action film with a run-of-the-mill star. Franco makes an ok villain but to make a good action picture the villain just cannot be ok.  As for Statham, I am looking forward to  seeing what he will do with his turn as a villain in the upcoming FAST 7 film. Maybe he will make a better villain than the focus of a film. Time will tell. Skip this one. You have seen it all before and done way better. It would seem that the studio is not even giving this film a chance. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a movie about a man protecting his family from meth dealers.