2015 Super Purple Prince Song Tournament

#PrinceArmy!!!! It's March Madness and even PodcastJuice is getting into the spirit as we've created the Super Purple Prince Song Tournament. Over the next two weeks, we'll put a new round of brackets to vote on until we crown the one true Super Purple Prince song.



We've broken the songs into four regions (a la NCAA March Madness tourney): Lake Minnetonka with #1 seed 'Purple Rain', Paisley Park Region with it's #1 seed 'When Doves Cry', Calhoun Square Region topped by 'Adore', and lastly the Graffiti Bridge Region led by #1 seed 'Little Red Corvette'.

We included songs by Prince as well as Prince associated acts, and carefully selected by the PodcastJuice committee have seeded them based on strength of song, impact, and (where applicable) Billboard charting history.

So get to voting below.

View the PDF version of the brackets here: Prince-Ultimate-Brackets-2 (1)

Which song should advance in the Prince Tourney?


  • Rakabash

    Who the hell would vote for “Manic Monday” over “Housequake”? This #3 vs #14 bracket should be a Varsity homecoming landslide. “Manic Monday” is a well written pop song for The Bangles and the ladies in the band injected their own verve and personality in the lyrics and music of that song but “Housequake” is one of the few songs where Prince produced a song in the vein of James Brown’s best funk songs but has so many of Prince’s musical quirks and idiosyncrasies that make wholly unique unto himself. This was a great idea Michael Dean.

    • All praise goes to Any Pooh!

    • Jehan

      hilarious. i felt the same way.

      the only choice which had me thinking was ‘sign ‘o’ the times’ versus ‘crystal ball’ (i went ‘ball’).

      also: anyone that voted ‘let’s go crazy’ over ‘it’s gonna be a beautiful night’ is dead to me.

      • Rakabash

        I voted for “Sign O’ The Times” because Prince wrote and produced a song that addressed sociopolitical matters for the late eighties that wasn’t part of society a generation earlier like crack cocaine, increased violent gang activity and AIDS. And it was a hit. Black American Music didn’t have a song this conscious played on radio since Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott Heron. Millions heard that said that needed it. That makes picking “Sign” over “Ball” easier for me.

        • Jehan

          i can dig it. that’s precisely what had me thinking.

  • Rakabash

    Props to Ant and the whole crew. Can’t wait to see everyone’s brackets

  • Rakabash

    I did make a pick in the #1 upset in the Grafitti Bridge Region. I have heard “Little Red Corvette” so much that I’m of the song. Now “LRC” is an all time classic pop song of any era so it should be the top seed. I never was crazy about the studio version and Dez’s solo is my favorite part of the song. So I went with “Diamonds And Pearls” because it is partly less ubiquitous. Also, while lyrics are trite I love the production and vocal interplay between Prince’s low tenor and Rosie’s voice. Unlike the NCAA Tournament where you vote for teams that have the best odds of advancing, I voted with heart and went against conventional wisdom

  • But like seriously, I think to not include the Sinead O’Connor version of Nothing Compares to U is a slight to that song for having the original The Family version included in that bracket. Regardless of how anyone feels about O’Connor in 2015, her version of that song is a top 3 biggest single of his career.