Round 3: Prince Song Tournament

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Prince Podcast fans, we've made it to the Sweet 16 of Prince songs.  The match ups are getting harder and the choices tougher. Let us know who should advance into the Great 8!!!!


View the PDF version of the brackets here: Prince Songs 2 Bracket




  • Jehan

    it’s official. i hate prince fans.

    that ‘the ballad of dorothy parker’ and ‘it’s gonna be a beautiful night’ lost to ‘little red corvette’ and ‘let’s go crazy’ is beyond my comprehension.

    that ‘if i was your girlfriend’ and ‘joy in repetition’ might lose to ‘kiss’ and ‘1999’ confirms to me that most people are voting the hits over the die hard quality (to me, at least).

    ‘housequake’ is losing to ‘erotic city’. i can stomach that. barely.

    • antpooh

      C’mon man, Erotic CIty is funky as all hell sir!!!

      • Jehan

        it is. i love ‘erotic city’ (when i was 14, i told my mother i wanted it played at my funeral if i somehow passed before her… yeeuh… it somehow made sense at the time).

        but i love the song/beat/chords/etc. it’s just not ‘housequake’.

  • Ken Cole

    Nice work on this gents! My bracket is is shambles =-( I agree with other posters, seems that the traditional hits are rising to the top, unlike Cream. I’m a fan of the deeper cuts, but nostalgia typically wins in the Prince camp. I’m headed for the scrap bin… come on Paisley Park Region.

  • MovieAddict

    LOL, some hard choices this round. Yeah its funny what wins when its just open to the public. Anyone can come by and vote. I can tolerate now “Ballad of Dorothy Parker” as i’ve gotten older and can appreciate it..but I have NEVER loved it like most P fans seem to. Like Mike also said “The Beautiful Ones” is a BEAST so its gonna win again. I luv, luv, luv “Sometimes it Snows in April” so I voted for it but I knew no way in hell it’d be “Purple Rain”. Pretty fun and interesting to check the results though and see all this stuff as it happens.

  • me not you