"There's a...thing out there." And this thing first appeared back in 1979. It's designation? Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And after we saw it, some of us wondered, "Where are they going with this...thing?" (Oops, wrong franchise). The Red Shirts turn off all holodeck safety protocols to examine the problems and issues of Star Trek's big screen debut!

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Qstorm aka Indiana Jonez aka the east side Uatu aka Norrin Raddical aka Michael Jones. I have a love of movies; there's nothing better (besides Halle Berry in a negligee) than a movie that transports you to another world, place, or time. I own my own video/multimedia production company, Qstorm Media Group and have been working in film and video since 1988. You just need to know one thing about me: if I believe I'm right, I'll fight to the death. And on that note, check out more of my rambling at, on Twitter @qstorm3476, on Facebook as Michael Jones, and here at Podcast Juice! And check out Red Shirts, a Star Trek podcast on iTunes!