The Full Circle: Episode #36 – “Are You Being Leased? Dating 101”

Join host Darryl E. McCullough, co-host Carmen Miller and Erika D White with special in-studio guest Danny Woodcock who is one of the hosts of the “Toledo Matters Podcast” and “The 419 Podcast.”  In this episode the “Full Circle” group opens with how they missed each other during the break.  The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends.  Also they give a “shout-out” to the “PodcastJuice” network and then appreciation to the shows two sponsors “Fit Thick Girls” and “Marmite Records” produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios.  The group then talks about “Last Podcast” in which episode #35 “Is My Natural Hair, Too Natural For You?”  This episode did almost 800 in downloads!  Danny needed some clarification on just what that show topic meant.  So Carmen answered his questions.  On the political side Carmen continues with her “concerns” with President Donald Trump and Darryl continues with his “no concerns.”  Even though Danny is not a fan of the President he backed him up on a few things.  The group also discusses the firing of Bill O’Reilly from the Fox News network due to his alleged lewd comments to a former co-worker.  On the entertainment side the crew discusses the deaths that happened during the break, comedian Charlie Murphy and the actress who played Joanie Cunningham on “Happy Days” Erin Morgan.  Also Serena Williams getting her “Black Wake Up Call” and Carmelo Anthony shows that “Beauty is only skin deep!”  Reviews of the Netflix series “Dear White People” and “13 Reasons Why.”  This is accompanied by call-ins from a fellow podcaster Ashlee Harris a.k.a “Ash the Floet” from the ATX JuiceSquad.  Anthony Kennedy a.k.a “Ant Poo” from the “PodcastJuice” network and Jan Burgard Moore the Coordinator for the Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition.  Following this emotional and heartfelt call, the “National Holiday” is announced!  Today is National “Unblock The Person That You Blocked On Facebook And See How They Are Doing” day!  Finally the crew then addresses the show topic “Are You Being Leased? Dating 101?"  Our featured call-in guest was Ke Key Tolbert who is a motivational speaker, preacher and “YouTube Content Creator” giving insight and inspiration to her viewers.  Additional call-in guests were Natima Fisher the author, purpose speaker, one of the hosts of Magenta TV and an actress in the 1994 film “Fresh.”  Jalaunda Granville the insightful and energetic “YouTube Creator” and Raggz Byrd who is the host of Byrd Talk TV.  Lastly “The Sanepoet Apology.”  Episode sponsored by Fit Thick Girls and Stone Soup Recording Studios.