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  • Correct Vision 3

    Hey, guys loved your discussion. But Dean, President Obama has helped influence things in Chicago. Remember the Mayor Rham, Emanuel of Chicago is the presidents former Chief of Staff. The Mayor fired the Police Superintendent and replaced him with a black Officer. Much of the violence is due to drugs and the gangs who sell them who fight over territory. Chicago and Illinois is part of a midwest highway for drug trafficking. So there has been a drug turf war created mostly by mexican drug cartels, mostly El Chapo’s Cartel. The Chicago gang leadership is unorganized and vilolent. Most of the people who are killed are people caught in the crossfire. Side note. EL Chapo has been named Chicago’s Public Enemy No.1. The only one that has been named so since AL Capone. Our President, Chicago’s Mayor, Jesse Jackson Jr. and the disgraced and imprisoned former Governor of Illinois who was convicted for trying to sell Obama’s Senate Seat. All these guys came up in politics together in Chicago. It was mapped out…Its all the “Chicago Way.” Crime has always been a seemingly complicated issue in Chicago, since the days of Capone. The color of green (money) is the color that matters most in Chicago, more than Black Lives. If the gangs are regulated and the drug traffic slowed down, the killings will stop, but not completely. Because the demand for Heroine is high in all parts of Illinois and a lot of the Midwest.