The Prince Podcast – Dave Hampton Interview

Interview with Dave Hampton former technical director of Paisley Park in Minneapolis and Hancock Music in Los Angeles. Dave is a world renown audio engineer and designer of studios and touring rigs, Dave Hampton has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Prince, Herbie Hancock, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Babyface, RZA, M.I.A Chicago, and Marcus Miller, whose 2001 album, “M2” won Hampton a Grammy Award.

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  • Dream331

    Another excellent interview. Mr. Hampton was dropping some serious knowledge there and I hope he definitely comes back to share some more. I must say that recently I went to Paisley Park. I was actually there last weekend and even though I found myself feeling like wow! I finally made it here! I was so happy.. BUT.. the actual tour itself was hugely disappointing to me. Not only from the standpoint of feeling like the guide knew very little but also everything said seemed so scripted. I always got bored so I would tend to drift off and just try to view as much as possible with the little time they gave us to look around. I took the VIP tour. I found myself being a tour guide for my wife as I told her stories and things that I knew. I felt like with so much Prince information, books, podcasts etc out in the world, there should be no excuse for these folks to not have some lighthearted, cool stories to share with people about the man and his music. Heck, they didn’t even mention the forthcoming Purple Rain deluxe record coming out. Anyway, there was some things in your interview with Mr. Hampton that just hit home with how I felt when taking the tour. Part of me felt incredibly blessed to be there and another part of me felt like, what the hell are these people doing in his house! lol.. I say that only half jokingly.. Another thing that was disappointing was when they had us in studio A and the lady tour guide made this big announcement that she was about to play us something we could only hear there in Paisley Park. She said “No place in the world can you hear this!” I started to think, uh oh, this is it! We stood in the middle of the floor between the speakers and then I was like WTH!! She played an instrumental track I heard last year by Mono Neon. Anybody can hear that on soundcloud. lol.. Anyway, I just had to vent that real quick.. Thanks as always for all you guys do! Peace!