The Prince Podcast – Sign “☮” the Times Review Part 3

Here it is, part 3 of our look at Prince's epic album, Sign "☮" the Times album. We are joined by Big Ken, Sean Hill, Big SexyNSac, Deydropping, Antpooh and Arthur Turnball. We discuss what could have been; The Dream Factory, Camile and Crystal Ball albums. The Sign O The Times Movie and was the US market not ready for a Sign O The Times tour?

We apologize about the audio. There was about 20mins of  'goodtalk' that was lost. We hope the added funk can ease the pain. 🙂

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Anthony

    If I may, good sir, a serious discussion of the brilliance that was the Batman album would make for a great show along with Purple Rain, which hasn’t been discusses in while as we head into the 30th anniversary of that release.

  • ElVee

    Thank you for the extensive review – it was really fun to listen to. Have any of you read the book ‘Sign O’ The Time’ by Michaelangelo Matos? It’s part of the excellent 33 1/3 music book series where a different author examines a classic album in detail. It’s brief (121 pages) but really good and a nice companion to your three-part review.
    Also, I never got t hear your original review of MPLSound, and would enjoy hearing a retrospective of the whole Lotusflow3r period.

    • I heard of this book..but never read it. In regards to the Prince Podcast archives, we will be putting them on the site soon.

  • Thunderfunk

    Thanks for the fantastic 3 part discussion/review of SOTT! Keep it up guys, I could listen to a new show every week.

    • Thunderfunk, Let me say thanks for posting about the show on The Org. Good looking out. 2014..Look for a show damn near ever week. 🙂

  • Elle85n09

    REALLY enjoyed the three part review of SOTT. Thanks to Thunderfunk for posting about it on the org., since I didn’t know it had been done. Let me ask you a question Michael. Didn’t you guys do a podcast a few years ago where you asked the listeners to watch UTCM at the same time you’ll were watching it? If so, I loved the idea and did it right along with the podcast release. If it was your show, have you ever thought about doing the same thing with some of the classic treasures like For those of U on Valium, Lovesexy Dortmund, and later performances like El Septimo (the performance of Motherless Child alone is worth the air time)? Anyhow, great job and keep it going! ~ <3 ~

    • Elle85n09, yes we did the UTCM show. We also sis one on Purple Rain. That is a great idea on doing a concert commentary. We are going to do it. 🙂

    • We took your idea. The latest show is a commentary to: For those of U on Valium. Enjoy!

  • Lordy

    I was listening to the Sign of the Times – Review 3 (very enjoyable by the way), and as you were sorting out a technical issue you played 2 minutes of a very funky uptempo Prince (I assume) jam. It starts 30 min 22 seconds in, ending at 32 mins 15 seconds. It’s wicked! Where it comes from?

    • It’s from 1978/79. It’s from the Studio Nights box set. You’ll have to use Google to get info on that 🙂