The Prince Podcast – The Bottom 5 Prince Songs

bottom5 We at the Prince Podcast LOVE Prince's music. With that said there are a few songs that makes us shake our heads and wonder what Prince was thinkin. Today the PodcastJuice crew give their 'Bottom 5' Prince songs.


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  • Keith Richardson

    My list in no particular:

    Ronnie, Talk To Russia
    I Rock Therefore I Am (How many times you gonna tell us about how you’re gonna dress like somebody else wouldn’t dare? And how are you gonna put a song on your rock album called this and have it not rock?)
    Right The Wrong
    Push (This was a tough call between this and Jughead but Prince’s rap is slightly more corny on this one).

  • Quintin L Jones

    Off the top of my head:

    The Flow – Love Symbol Album

    Damned if I do – Emancipation

    I Rock, Therefore I Am – Chaos and Disorder

    Art Official Cage – Art Official Age

    Pretty Man – Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic

  • antpooh

    No one asked but mine are
    -‘Graffiti Bridge’
    -‘Tambourine’ (dope as drumming cannot compensate for whack as song)
    -‘My Name is Prince’ (the one and only)

    Honorable mention:
    -The Family version of Nothing Compares 2 U
    -Ronnie Talk to Russia
    -Gold Standard

    • Corey

      Dude, ‘It’ is dope! I don’t begrudge you for the others though.

  • Dey Droppin’

    For further reading, here are my full notes from my top five. Enjoy the read:

    #5: This pick is the epitome of overdoing a song. This is the
    bastard step-son of what was originally a good song. As far as I know,
    this is “3rd generation” crap. Things were just fine and dandy with My
    Summertime Thang, sung by Morris. Written by Prince, but sung by
    Morris. In fact, My Summertime Thang is to the movie Graffiti Bridge
    what If The Kid Can’t Make You Come was to the movie Purple Rain. My
    summertime thang is a vehicle to showcase Morris’ pimp swagger and game
    towards a girl, in this case, Aura. It works. But was shelved. Then
    you have The Latest Fashion – sung by Morris Day and the Time. Again,
    another song written by prince, with slightly different lyrics from what
    the final stink pile turned from the album proper. Yet, with this one,
    all unnecessary fluff is removed. Plus, the music is different. Not so
    loud and wild. It has a more sinister/serious tone to it. Sung waaay
    better by Morris Day and just works. I’ve always imagined this version
    being played in Morris’ club in the movie instead of ‘Shake’. This
    version should have been included.

    Instead, we get GB’s version of a song, and my #5 on my list: The Latest Fashion. It uses My
    Summertime Thang’s music, and the lyrics of The Latest Fashion (version
    1) and mixes them both with added fluff that takes it over the top,
    making it a mockery of what it could have been with its stupid rap, with
    it’s apparent “battle” tone between Morris and The Kid and it just
    fails in every way. The song is so bad the scene it was attached to was
    edited out of the movie. Basically, it’s a song that in production
    morphed from Pimp, to Cool, to shit.

    #4: Number four is likely
    overlooked by others, but the best way for me to describe this one is
    basically in one word: grating. From the way it’s sung, to the music
    (or severe lack thereof) to the overly used sound effects, this track
    comes from The Truth album and it is Animal Kingdom. From the first
    “sung” words you get some of the most horribly sung words ever. I find
    no need for this song to be sung this way at all. It’s not quirky, it’s
    not original, and it’s totally boring and a skipper. And all the
    dolphin noises get boring really quick. Animal Kingdom should have been
    avoided at all costs.

    #3 I’ve gone into detail before on my #3
    so let me do it again. This is a low-point track in an unfortunate
    album that lacks true identity. That album is Chaos and Disorder, and
    the #3 track is Right The Wrong. For me, the track borders on sounding
    very offensive in its delivery. From the very beginning music, which
    sounds incredibly cheesy. The music is standard Hollywood-style ‘native
    american’ sounding and is just out of place with the rest of the album.
    But take this track on its own merits and it still fails. The rhyming
    is forced, the music is horrible. And then it goes into “church-mode”.
    It’s like the song has no identity whatsoever. It sounds like
    “silly-ass-prince” when it’s meant to be serious. Right The Wrong,

    #2 Jughead – What’s there to say.
    Prince raps and you have horrible rapping throughout. Others can
    elaborate much better than I.

    #1 Everybody Loves Me – When silly
    goes wrong it goes real wrong. Let me be frank here…prince
    sounds…delayed. That the politically correct way to say it. It’s not
    fun, it’s dumb. No more candy for you did it better and it was a fun
    song. It’s a short bus song, plain and simple and it belongs nowhere
    but singing lullabies to Purple and Gold when it can’t sleep. There, I
    said it.

    Honorable Mentions:

     I Rock, Therefore I Am

     Wedding Feast – barely a song, and embarrassing when it is.

     Orgasm – though I know that it’s not really a song.

    • Keith Richardson

      You know, The Latest Fashion is a really confusing song without a movie scene to explain what the hell is going on. I imagine that this would have been the battle that Kid challenged Morris to? Did they tie and then Kid did Tick, Tick, Bang? I guess he should have let T.C. rap…

      Without a storyline, the song sounds like a duet between Prince and the Time where Morris just constantly comments on how Prince sucks. Or, are they talking about lying to each other in the heat of passion?

      • Dey Droppin’

        It’s a battle song. The deleted scene from the movie confirms that. It was filmed but did not make the cut. It’s just terrible. The filmed scene is just as bad as the song. Enough said.

  • KeK21thatPimp

    Days Of Wild
    Wow (I’ll Do Anything)
    Incense and Candles (Prince and auto-tune don’t mix like bleach and ammonia)
    Old Friends 4 Sale- The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale (The lyric changes IMO makes it a completely different song)
    Funky Music

    These songs are cringe worthy and when I hear them I think to myself why when you’re better then that Prince. The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale version is hurtful to my soul knowing that it’s not the real version.

  • Corey

    1. Jughead — For me the #1 wiggety-wiggety-wackest song Prince has ever done. I’m like, “WHY Prince?!! WHYYYYYYYYY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Undisputed — Yep. Undisputed in being horrible.
    3. Black Sweat — It starts out ok, but then it falls off faster than…
    4. Chocolate Box — Stop it, Prince. You’re better than this. Sounds like you’re trying too hard. ( Especially for a 50yr old)
    5. Hot Wit U — Quite simply, it’s a throwaway track. Not a quality album song.

  • Andrew

    FUNKNROLL ( ART OFFICIAL AGE) – I am a fairly young Prince fan. I got so hooked on his 80s music five years ago. When this song came out I was so disappointed. It is just really bad pandering. It hurts my head to think that the same guy that made such timeless funky feel-good party songs like 1999, D.M.S.R., Erotic City, Alphabet St., and others released this song. I find it kind of funny that this was the last single from the album. It is like he knows it sucks but he also knows that a lot people will eat it up. I was real shocked to see all of the positive comments on Youtube.

    Life of the Party (Musicology) – It was all said, no need to repeat it.

    Dig U Better Dead (Chaos and Disorder) – This “Song” just screams of laziness. It is just a wack drum loop that to my ears is only about 8 seconds long and it goes for four minutes with some synth-bass thrown in. I have no musical talent at all. However, I feel fine in saying this is one of Prince’s most uninspired and musically lacking songs. It also has the same corny vocal approach that “I Rock Therefore I Am” & “Life of the Party.”

    PoomPoom (Crystal Ball CD 3) – An extremely annoying and lazy song that should of been replaced by a great song in the vault. POOMPOOM! POOMPPOOMP! POOMPPOOMP! POOMPPOOMP!
    All The Midnights In The World (Planet Earth) – WTF!!! I don’t even know what to say.

    • Because the early work is soooooooooooo good, I find myself giving these songs a pass. I just don’t listen to them.

      • Andrew

        I agree with you. I take what I love and like and leave the rest. I just wish Prince would stop pandering. I think his music would be much better without doing so.

  • love4oneanothertheoriginal

    only 15 mins in and i will just say music is subjective thank god because a lot of people pick on prince’s attempts of hip hop but how y’all didn’t put more songs from planet earth is baffaling. no one puts all the midnights in the world except MD put slam jughead ..really? no mention of rich friends but slamming tick tick bang and i rock therfore i am ..smh and wait someone said the ladder!