This Is What We Do #4


Bill Cosby and Woody Allen both have been dealing with sex molestation accusations this past week, does this make you view there art any different? Valentines Day stories, John Singleton to Direct a Tupac bio film, Little black child running wild in Chucky Cheese,  Reviews of Robocop and About Last Nite, To much Kevin Hart? and Comcast to buy Time Warner.

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • El Vee

    Exhausted after queuing nine hours in the cold to see Prince last night at London Koko. This podcast has helped me stay awake today!

    • How was the Prince Concert??

      • El Vee

        LOUD. It was probably the heaviest rock concert that I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. I saw him at the o2 arena several times and also at Hop Farm but this was a whole new experience. His guitar playing was SICK! A lot of people I know say they love Prince and don’t even realise he plays guitar – this whole hit and run tour has really woken people up to that over here.
        Because I’d queued all day I was able to get to the front and was about twelve feet away from Prince for most of the night. Koko is an old ballroom that only fits 1400 (whereas the o2 shows were 20,000) so it was surreal being close enough to make eye contact with him. He seemed very happy and relaxed.
        3rd Eye Girl are really gelling as a band now and it doesn’t hurt that they’re so easy on the eye (especially Hannah). I think they’ve had a rejuvenating effect on Prince At one point Donna was playing her guitar with a drumstick!
        It was nice to hear some new stuff get played for a change(FixUrLifeUp, Plectrum Electrum) but the highlight was the final encore of When Doves Cry and Sign ‘O’ The Times. At the o2 he would tease a few seconds during the sampler set, but this time he played them both all the way through, at first on his own and then joined by the band.
        He also played a ridiculously funky version of The Max on keyboard, was joined by a saxophonist Marcus Anderson, then picked up the bass and JAMMED!!!

        • Wow that sounds exactly like my experience last year. I was right in the front the entire show. same sort of super small club. Glad you had a great time!