Top 5 Remaining Summer Movies of 2015

The summer movie season is well under way. Avengers Age of Ultron, Furious 7 and Jurassic World have all laid waste to the box office. But it ain't over! Here are our picks for the rest of the summer.

5. Ant-Man (July 17)

Marvel is starting to ramp up the marketing behind this movie. Early word from those who have seen it have been mixed.

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4. Terminator Genisys (July 1st)

The above trailer has Terminator creator himself, James Cameron cosigning the film heavy! The film must be good, surely Mr. Cameron wouldn't take the time from making the Avatar sequels and put his credibility on the line, for a paycheck.

RTThe 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (as of 6/28/2015) is not a good look. Who can ya trust?

3. Fantastic Four (August 7)

20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four film got off to a rough start in the minds of comic book fans. With the casting of Michael B White as Human Torch, early speculation was that the film would be a epic disaster. Now with actual footage from trailers and TV spots, the Fantastic Four reboot looks very intriguing.


2. Straight Outta Compton (August 14th)

We are so ready to witness the strength of street knowledge!

1. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (July 31st)

Tom Cruise is back with another sequel to the successful 'Mission Impossible' franchise.  One thing about Tom Cruise he takes his action series.  In the last Mission film Ghost Protocol, Tom fired the insurance company so he could perform his own stunts. If he brings the same dedication to this new movie, expect a spectacle.

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