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  • Warner is just”Milking”The Fans,they’ll have somthin Else in 2024 some B.S.Purple Rain Tribute capsule companion release.

  • The Title Track should’ve been”Edited Down” 2 Include A Longer version of Computer Blue.Firmly established him as A Guitar God,but in turn “totally” pigeonholed him from everything he would release later

    • Dey Droppin’

      Nah, make it a double album and include extended mixes of the tracks and all the other tracks from others besides prince. Hell, he did it with Graffiti Bridge, but not for Purple Rain? Madness! Shenanigans! Tomfoolery! HHogwash!

      • Danny G

        I agree, this was a no brainer and they could have put it in a nicer package and made more $$$ if they were thinking right. What fan wouldn’t pay for “Modernaire” and Apollonia 6 and Time tracks?
        They could have also added demos and rehearsals.

        • Marianna

          They could’ve added that plus the film with the deleted scenes and directors commentary, commentary from some of the cast and crew also. This proves that Warner’s were only looking to making a quick buck..”

  • Evin Isar

    ” Children out in the back yard / doin that Funk dance ” In the “live” version of Possessed was “Lifted” from James Brown’s,”Licking Stick “

  • Evin Isar

    Prince,”allowed” George 2 “Ride” on We Can Funk.Should be A Maxi Single with All The Versions(and other developmental Classics)We Love.Ant Poo is Right,It “is” A Demo.Prince changed a few vocals and synth sounds.That” Double kick” he did on The Breakdown tho !!!!!

    • Evin Isar

      Mico !!!!

  • Danny G

    Jill Jones said on Twitter that “Wonderful Ass” was written for Vanity and she used to play it all the time during the “1999” tour. That makes sense since it was written in 1983 and Susannah wasn’t even around yet. Susannah must be loving all this press about her, but this song isn’t about her.

    • Dey Droppin’

      Yeah, I was just stating what Ihad heard. Personally, I’ve always preferred the notion it was about Vanity. But hey, maybe Prince pimped the tune to the latest hot ass he was slamming? “Yeah, baby, this song is about you.” I bet he told that to all the girls! 🙂

      • Danny G

        haha! Yea true! Lots of interviews came out recently saying it was about Susannah, but then Jill Jones just posted it was written for Vanity and she played it on the tour backstage. Jill was on the “1999” tour so she would know. You mentioned in the podcast you wanted it to be about Vanity, so I guess it is!

        • Danny G

          Here’s Jill’s Twitter post-
          jill jones‏ @jilldjones Jun 25
          Wonderful ass was written originally on the 1999 tour and gifted to Vanity. She played it non stop before the shows during that time.

  • KeK21thatPimp

    great show as usual. in regards to Katrina’s Paper Dolls its a combination of wet dream, wet dream cousin and vibrator in my opinion.

  • Bob george

    I am listening to the podcast and I am disappointed. I just don’t get. I think you guys were looking for a reimagined purple rain.

  • Audrey Johnson

    Josh Welton produced HitNRun Phase 1 and is the husband of Hannah, 3rdEyeGirl drummer. It would be great if you did your homework before the broadcast.

  • Josh

    Wow, I can’t believe that guy bought into the BS that this song was inspired by Susannah and Wendy! Lololololol! Puleeze! Lisa was being gracious involving Susannah and Wendy and everybody knows it… This song was inspired by the one and only Vanity as per Jill Jones and everybody on the planet!